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Polyimide Structure

UL RoHS compliance
Kapton Adhesive Tape Polyimide Film Dots and Discs

We make kinds of kapton adhesive tape coated with different adhesive resin for the PCB Masking durring the SMT process and otther applications.


Polyimide film also calls the kapton film, we offer the film similar to FN and HN type, it is used for the cable winding and FPCB making etc.


Kapton Dot and Disc is a kind of kapton gasket, it us used in the structure of electronic parts like mobile LED, high temp. lable making etc.

Kapton Adhesive Tape Polyimide Film, Kapton Film Kapton Die-cut, Kapton Dots,Discs
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About is a profession manufacture of kinds of Kapton related products. Our product is mainly applied in the electronic and electrical products, surface protesting, FCCL making, PCB backing and covering, cable winding, SMT protecting, die-cuting and ESD products etc.

Our product mainly cover the Kapton film, polyimide film, kapton adhesive tape, double sides adhesive tape, voice coil film and tape,FPCB cover and backing tape, ESD kapton tape, low anti-static kapton, polyimide varnished glass cloth(Til film) etc.

We also offer the die-cut part like gasket, disc, dots made from the material listed. You can just email your drawing and tell you your request. OEM tape is also provide on inner cores and tape tags. We also offer the kapton lable printing service and shaping. Kapton injection parts is also included for the thicker parts.

Hope you will enjoy the service offered by This is a store of all kapton related. Thanks!

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