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Polyimide Structure

UL RoHS compliance

Kapton Nomex Felt Tube

Kapton Nomex Felt Tube

Polyimide Nomex Felt Tube is produced by spirally widing strips of polyimide fim bonded to an inner layer of Nomex Felt. It has an unique combination of insulation property, polyimide film brings high dielectric characteristics, excellent retention of property through high and low temperature; while Nomex Felt has high resistance to heat, prevent solder or welding from damaging. The semi-rigid tube offer excellent tensile strength. It is widely used fir coil forms, crossover and lead wire insulation in class F, H and C motors and appliances.

Data sheet

Item Value
 Description  Yellow tube with felt inside
 Appearance Request

Polyimide tape shall stick with with Nomex Felt hard, no clear furrow. The end shall cutting tidily.

 Standard Length  500mm
 Inner Diameter  6mm
 Outer Diameter  7.8mm
 Insulation Class  C (>180℃)
 Breakdown Voltage  ≥6 KV
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