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Polyimide Structure

UL RoHS compliance

Polyimide Film Kapton Tape, ROHS Compliance

Kapton Tape Polyimide Film

Polyimide film Kapton Tape is synthesized by polymerizing an aromatic dianhydride and an aromatic diamine. With its excellent physical, chemical and electrical properties Kapton film can be used in a wide temperature range (-269+400°C). It is widely used for the insulation of electrical motors in class H and super H, in the production of adhesive tapes for dielectric uses and when resistance to extreme temperatures is required. It also offers good dimensional stability and can be die-cut, laminated, metallized, formed, thermoformed.

Data sheet

Items Unit Value
0.025mm 0.125mm
 Color - Amber clear
 Tensil Strength TD Mpa ≥170 ≥130
MD ≥165 ≥110
 Elongation at broken % ≥50
 Breakdown Strength MV/m ≥180 ≥115
 Shrinkage at 150℃ % ≤0.2
 Volume Resistance 200℃ Ω.m 1.0 x 10^10

*For Data sheet of other thickness polyimide film, please request from our sales.
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