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Polyimide Structure

UL RoHS compliance

Kapton tape, RoHS compliance

2 mil Kapton Tape Silicon
2 mil Kapton Silicon Tape

Kapton silicon tape is combined of a Kapton tape (polyimide film) and silicone adhesive. It is popular used as the protecting tape durring the SMT process of FPCB, it Leaves minimal residue when removed after manufacturing process; reduces clean-up time and minimizes rejects. This stype tape is made of 2 mil Kapton® film coated with 1.2 mil of silicon adhesive.

1 mil Kapton   2 mil Kapton   5 mil Kapton
Data sheet

Properties Value
 Tape Color  Amber
 Overall Thickness  0.08mm
 Backing Thickness  0.05mm (2mil)
 Standard Length  33m (36yds)
 Insulation Class  C (>180℃)
 Peel Strength  ≥6.2 N/25mm
 Tensile Strength  ≥115 N/25mm
 Elongation  ≥55 %
 Breakdown Voltage  ≥10 KV
 Resistivity  ≥1.0x10^12 ohm
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