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Polyimide Structure

UL RoHS compliance

Kapton Die-cut Parts, Do as you can imagine

Kapton Die-cut Parts

Polyimide die-cut parts also known as Kapton® gasket, are primarily used in circuit board production, wave soldering and other applications. This kind of die-cut part can me made from kapton tape with adhesive or without adhesive. You can send us your drawings that we will making mould according to your request then you will get the final kapton gasket. This kind of gasket need a big MOQs.

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Kapton will withstand temperatures up to 500F / 260C. Designed to minimize the effects of static generation during stripping and peeling. So the material will bring its original prpoerty on the die-cuts parts itself. If we use the ESD kapton tape, the die-cut part will have the property of anti-static too.


Because of these properties, Kapton die-cut part is used in various applications in electronic, automotive and general manufacturing industries. You can easily find the kapton gasket in the mobiles, mp3 or mp4 player, LED screen, PSP player, computers and notebook etc.

Some of Kapton tape can printing with marks. So the kapton die-cut alse can make in to lables used especially the high temp. conditions request. It is also used as a very high temperature mask during powder coating applications.

Kapton die-cut parts is also used in the auto industry for switches, diaphragms, sensors and coils in seat heaters. The aerospace industry uses Kapton die-cut part primarily for insulation of aircraft and spacecraft wings. Also t is ideal for use to protect areas on circuit boards during wave soldering or electronic production.

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