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Kapton Tape
   Kapton Tape Silicon
   Kapton Tape Acrylic
   Kapton Tape Epoxy
   Double Side Kapton Tape
Anti-Static Kapton Tape
TiL Film for Voice Coil
Kapton Film for Speaker
Kapton Nomex Felt Tube
Polyimide Film
BOPI Polyimide Film
Polyimide FEP Film
Kapton Die-cuts
   Kapton Discs
   Kapton Dots
   Other Shape Die-cuts

Polyimide Structure

UL RoHS compliance

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>>ESD Kapton Tape

>>Til Film

>>Polyimide Film for Voice Coil

>>Normal Polyimide Film

>>BOPI Polyimide Film

>>Polyimide FEP Film

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