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Kapton Tape
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Anti-Static Kapton Tape
TiL Film for Voice Coil
Kapton Film for Speaker
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Polyimide Film
BOPI Polyimide Film
Polyimide FEP Film
Kapton Die-cuts
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   Kapton Dots
   Other Shape Die-cuts

Polyimide Structure

UL RoHS compliance


1. What selling? sell all kapton related product in cluding kapton tapes, film, die-cuts, die-cuts, mould parts, ESD tape etc.

2. How to order from

Just send us email or visit our feedback page and type in your request, click here .

3. Do you offer the free sample for testing?

Yes, we offer the sample free, but you courier charges.

4. How to ship the order?

We will suggest you the appropriate way of shipment, by sea, by air or by courier. Of cource if you will have your own forwarder, that is no problem.

5. Can we trust the quality of product from

Sure, do not worry about that. Our quality will absolutely compliance to the sample we send. If not, we will take charge of that.

6. What payment accept?

For the small quantity, we request 100% advanced TT payment; other conditions, negotiable. Sorry, we did not accept the Credit card for the time being.

7. How about the lead time of per order?

If the tape you order have stock, we can ship out within 3~5 days. If there is no stock, you need to wait about 8~12 days. If you are request the die-cuts, the time shall longer.

8. Do you have the MOQs?

Yes. Ususlly we reques of the MOQ of USD2,000.00 per order. If the order is too small, we will charge the extra service fee of USD50.00 per order.

9. Do you have 3rd party certifications like SGS RoHS or UL?

Most of the product of compliance the ROHS and UL94V0 request, but little of product do not have, please contact the sales for detail.

10. Does offer the OEM service?

Sure, we offer, but that will have a big MOQ request..

11. Not find the answer you want?

Send us a feedback, see FAQ No. 2.

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