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Polyimide Structure

UL RoHS compliance

Kapton tape, RoHS compliance

Kapton Tape Silicon
Kapton Tape Silicon

Kapton silicon tape consists of a Kapton® polyimide film and silicone adhesive designed for high temperature applications. it is also known as Polyimide tape, heat resistant tape and high temperature masking tape. It is popilar used as the protecting tape durring the SMT process of FPCB.

1 mil Kapton   2 mil Kapton   5 mil Kapton
Kapton Tape Acrylic
Kapton Tape Acrylic

Kapton acrylic tape consists of a Kapton® polyimide film and acrylic adhesive. It has excellent dielectric strength and remove cleanly leaving no residue, it can work at a very high temperature masking tape up to 300c short term.

Kapton Tape Epoxy (PCB cover tape)
Kapton Tape Epoxy

Kapton epoxy tape consists of a Kapton® polyimide film and epoxy adhesive. it is also known as cover tape and has a very low release peel force and its easy co-operation, the desired shape (Kapton® label, for example) by die-cutting.

Double side Kapton Tape
Double Side Kapton Tape

Double side Kapton® tape can coat both sides with silicon or acrylic resin, it is usually covers with release paper or release film. It is popular used for die-cutting. Because of the release layer exist, it is a very low release peel strength.

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