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Polyimide Structure

UL RoHS compliance

Kapton Dots, RoHS Compliance

Kapton Dots

Kapton dots is a kind of kapton die-cut, because of its shape like a dot, we call it kapton dot. This kind of disc can me made from kapton tape with adhesive or without adhesive in defferent thickness. If we use the tape with adhesive, generally the layer of release paper or film need durring making the polyimide die-cut parts. The property of original material will bring into the kapton dots. If we use the ESD kapton tape, the die-cut part will have the property of anti-static too. In this condition it is primarily used in circuit board production, wave soldering and other applications where static charge is a concern.

Size in Normal

Outer Diameter Quantity per Roll
1/8" 2000
1/4" 2000
3/8" 2000
1/2" 2000
5/8" 2000
3/4" 2000
1" 1000
1 1/4" 1000
1 1/2" 1000

*For kapton dots size not listed, please request information from our sales.
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